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Best Red Wine Winner-2018 Monaco "Women and Wines of the World"

Quantity & Price Details:

1 Bottle=£16.00 (VAT not included)

1 box of 6 bottles=£96.00 (VAT not included)

As well as winning the title of "Best Red Wine" in the 2020 Monaco Women & Wines of the World competition, Methy also boasts the following awards:


-Winner of the Diamond Award for the 2023 Monaco Women & Wines of the world competition
-First Place  winner during the 2018 Monaco Women & Wines of the World competition.
-Winner of the Diamond Award during the 2021 Monaco Women & Wines of the World competition

-Winner of the Gold medal during the 2020 Les Citadelles du Vin Competition.
-Winner of the Silver medal during the 2013 Decanter Awards.
-Winner of the Diamond award during the 2018 Monaco Women & Wines of the World Competition.
-Its producer won “Producer of the year”  during the 2017 International Challenge.

Born out of patience,this red wine matures for two years in brand new barrels of French oak and spends an equal amount of time ageing in the reducing environment of its bottle. Methy displays a deep red colour, exuding strength and masculine aromas of green pepper, capers and red-skinned fruits against a background of oak. It has a thick, distinctly balanced taste with tannic presence which softened by time, will further improve the quality of the wine. Enjoy it between 16 – 18°C.
Produced by Vasilikon Winery.

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